A Creativity-Based Community

In Western North Carolina and Around the World

Imagine a place where you feel happy, and comfortable. Your friends are there. People who you’d like to meet are there. People who are totally unknown to you are there. But you’re all in this place to share a joyful experience of being creative, or of enjoying an expression of someone else’s creativity. You can goof off there, or daydream, or share something you’re excited about.

We’re making that place – physically in Western Colorado, and digitally for everyone everywhere.

Our home for creativity will be full of art supplies and instruments and books and games, all mixed in with each other. Anyone will be able to come and explore whatever takes their fancy. Unscheduled time, daydreaming, and goofing off will be given high priority. Process, not product, will be valued.

In our autonomous creativity zone there will be no meritocracy, no commodification, and no questions about anything’s “marketability”. People will be treated as creators, collaborators, and community members first; consumers lastly if at all. Local and visiting artists will come and give formal workshops that they’ll be well paid for, or just share their skills with whoever is hanging out. Local and traveling musicians will come perform on our backyard stage.

Why do we say “for a New Society”? Read more about our Philosophy here.

How will we do this? Check out the current plan here.

Art for a New Society is for

instrumentalists | singers | songwriters | animators | filmmakers | app creators | writers | printmakers | illustrators | activists | green builders | jewelry makers | painters | crafters | archivists | data scientists | robot-builders | chefs | energy healers | nutritionists | dancers | choreographers | ceramicists | woodworkers | radical financial advisors | photographers | non-toxic hair colorists | historians | graphic designers | metalsmiths | “non-creative” people | curious cats | regular folks | farmers | herbalists | kite-flyers | foragers | … and you!

Want to Get Involved?

If any of this speaks to you, reach out! Part of the beauty of having a community center is receiving the blessing of community participation. Whether you’re here in the Western Colorado area or 6,000 miles away, you can still be a member of Art for a New Society!

  • Email us at howdy@artforanewsociety.com with an idea for a workshop or presentation you’d like to give.
  • Send us a video or audio clip of yourself art-ing and we’ll add it to our Community Media Library on the site.
  • Make a general donation, or buy something on our wishlist.
  • Check our Calendar for upcoming events! [First event: putting up the calendar]
  • Follow us on Instagram @art.for.a.new.society for updates and fun stuff in real time

We also send out an email newsletter once a month. Subscribe below if you’d like to keep up on all of our progress:

Art connects people to their emotions. Art connects people to each other. Art comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable. Art makes the revolution irresistible.

Creating your own art combats apathy, despair, cynicism, hopelessness, and helplessness. Creating your own art produces joy, satisfaction, and connection.

Come create with us!