January 2021 Newsletter

Hello everyone, and Happy (?) 2021!

If you’ve been thinking “wow, I haven’t heard from Gina about Art for a New Society in a while”, you’re right! Somehow, it’s been 6 (six!) months since my first email. I’m going to attribute the delay to the pandemic, and political upheaval, and the stress of moving (I live in Colorado now!). In any case, I’m happy to be writing to you about all the wonderful things that have happened since July.

Firstly: There’s a website now! www.artforanewsociety.com. I received some feedback about the last email being overwhelmingly long, so with this one I’m including the highlights and linking to the more detail-rich posts on the website. Read through the whole thing, or click on the hyperlinks below to go directly the section of the newsletter that interests you most.

How was Yestermorrow? | You live in Colorado now?

Brief Election Thoughts | Thank You, Donors! | Zine Update | 2021 Vision

Till Next Time

Yestermorrow is the Bestermorrow

I had a rare and wonderful experience at Yestermorrow: I learned a lot, from kind and knowledgeable teachers, alongside interesting and dedicated students. The campus is surrounded and infused with Vermont’s natural beauty, and filled with thoughtful architecture. It was inspiring to be in a place that had been designed and constructed with such obvious care and creativity, and I was delighted by the incorporation of nature/natural materials, and all of the unique architectural expressions to be found on campus. Read more

If you’re interested in a day-by-day rundown, you can check out Art for a New Society’s Instagram account here (even if you don’t have an Instagram account).

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

August: I visited my friend Brian in Boulder. When I had first had the idea to go to Colorado, in February or so, I thought I would come to check out different neighborhoods in Denver, to see where we wanted to live. But by the time August came around, I knew I didn’t want to live in a city. I had just come from my Yestermorrow experience, very hype on my tiny house community center dream. Brian happened to be living with a couple who had built their own tinys in the past, and they were kind enough to tell me about the experience. I told them about my vision – buying land, building on it, creating Art for a New Society – and said, where do I go to do all this? They replied “Paonia,” and I said “Great! Where is that?” Read more

Brief Election-Related Thoughts

No one is coming to save us. Not Bernie, not AOC, not the ghost of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and certainly not Joe Biden. But! We can (and must, and will) save ourselves, by practicing care and respect for everyone, including ourselves and the people who are on the “other” side of our manufactured ideological divide. Our best hope is each other. We here at Art for a New Society will keep our focus on making obsolete the US billionaire class and the neoliberal US politicians (Democrat and Republican) who serve and protect them. 

How will we move towards our new society? We will practice collaboration, outside of imposed hierarchies and the prevailing white supremacist hetero-capito-patriarchal paradigm. We will practice decolonizing our minds. We will practice responding to people’s growth edges with compassion, and not toss them away via cancellation. We will practice listening, emotional intelligence, vulnerability. We will practice caring and loving. We will practice apologizing and forgiving. We will practice mutual aid. We will heal and strengthen our imaginations, to better invent an equitable, joyful future and a more delightful present. We will connect to each other, and to ourselves.

But most importantly: we will accomplish all of this through play, through daydreaming, through goofing off, through laughing, through sharing, through dancing, through music, through joy. I am so excited and so honored to be facilitating such a space, at the exact right time.

Thank you, Donors!

Since July, 15 people have generously donated over $1,000! Much gratitude to Alex, Brian, Dorothea, Emily, Henry, Jess, Josie, Julie, Manoj, Minky, Rosamond & Lou, Sarah, and Traci & Martin. If you haven’t yet received your hand-printed thank you card, it’s on the way to you (if you sent me your address, that is)!

If you’d also like to give the gift of energy in the form of money, you can still use Venmo (@gina-purri) or PayPal (paypal.me/artforanewsociety), but you can also use the fancy donation form on the website! Or if you’d like to contribute something a little more concrete, I have a wishlist on the website with books, games, and other fun things that I’m looking to add to the community center’s resources. Check it out, there’s some good stuff in there!

Here’s the collection so far for the Radical Reading Room. Feel free to write me with your recommendations!

Zine Update

The zines are printed, and making their way into book boxes and onto community bulletin boards across the country! After a minimum of searching, I was happy to find a black-owned print shop quite near our place in PA. They did a wonderful job and were super helpful, check out DuBose Printing if you’re in the West Philly/Western Suburbs area!

If you’re interested, the pdf can be found at dismantlingracism.org, and if you’d like a physical copy email me at howdy@artforanewsociety.com and I’ll send you one!

Book box in Havertown, PA
Book box in front of the World’s Largest Easel in Goodland, KS
Lions’ Club Bulletin Board in Hotchkiss, CO

Coming Up in 2021

Till Next Time

So! There you have it, all the exciting developments from the last 6 months. I’m honored by your patience, and your attention, and your enthusiasm, and now that I have this whole newsletter/website ball rolling I’ll be sending a monthly update on the 13th, maybe also on the 27th if there’s a lot to report on. Feel free to email me anytime at howdy@artforanewsociety.com with comments, questions, concerns, art or thoughts you’d like to share. I wish you all good health, and safety when you need it, and challenge when you don’t.

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