The status quo is not working for most people. People don’t have what they need to live meaningful, fulfilling lives in which their basic needs are met and their humanity is honored. Automation has not freed us to spend more time as we please, but to spend more time creating wealth for billionaires. Capitalist monoculture & neoliberalism trick us into believing that the current state of affairs is preordained, the only option. But as we’ve seen throughout 2020, things are only the way they are because that’s how we make them – actively or passively, explicitly or implicitly. 

As our nation continues its descent into tribalism, creating real-life connections with people who don’t share all of our views becomes more and more vital. Showing people that alternatives exist to our current, unsustainable ways of operating, and helping to develop their imaginations and their belief in their own ability to create new outcomes is where our greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need. 

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